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Better beards, masculinity is defined by a lot of things. To be thought of as masculine, one ought to have a lot of features that must be in accordance with the demands of the society. Although, it is not necessary to have all these features to be attractive, the society has set some standards of beauty and these standards can only be met if you have those features. One of those features is having a beard.

This is something that many men struggle with. Due to insufficient vitamins in diet or other factors, some people just cannot seen to grow a beard. Most of the times, this is also genetic and may even be due to weakness that you cannot grow a beard. Such men have less facial growth and due to that, they often feel insecure about their looks. Every time you turn on your TV or you open a magazine, you see celebrities flaunting their beards and women drooling over them. This gives the idea that one needs to have a beard to feel attractive and attract women.

What Does Better Beards do?

Better Beards is a supplement for beard growth, as the name suggest. The main purpose of this supplement is to bring back the confidence to today’s men by helping them grow their beards. Sometimes, men do have beards but they are very thing and there are bald patches in different places on their face. This totally puts off the overall appearance of the beard.

Thus, the supplement does not only boost the growth of new beard, it also promotes the betterment of the one that you may already have. This is done by the natural ingredients that are present in the supplement. It has those essential vitamins and minerals that men fail to take everyday in their diet. The supplement provides these very nutrients to the user so that they can experience very amazing beard grown.

Basically, the supplement ensures enhancement in growth of facial hair so that there is a beard growing soon enough. What makes the supplement even better is that it is completely natural and has extracts from natural herbs and botanical species. This is a plus point because the supplement has to affect the facial area and no one wants to put any harmful substance on their face that may end up ruining the whole face.

Benefits of Better Beards

Better beards has tons of benefits. The supplement has a lot of natural ingredients, all of which are supposed to increase facial growth. Thankfully, there are no fillers in the supplement and all the ingredients that are used are in their natural and raw form, which makes their function even more pronounced.

  • It nourishes the beard. If you already have a beard, the supplement will nourish your beard and if you do not already have one, it will ensure that the one you grow is well-nourished. The supplement does this by strengthening the hair follicle, which is the part of the dermis from where a hair originates. If it is strong, that means that the hair will not break off easily and the beard will stay thick.
  • It also helps to fill in the missing spots of patches that you may have in your beard. This happens due to presence of dust or chemical in the pores. As the pores are blocked, new hair cannot sprout out of them. The supplement helps to unclog these pores and subsequently let the hair grow out of them.
  • Sometimes, male face a beard itch problem which is very uncomfortable and it can also result in breakage of hair due to constant scratching. Better Beards hydrates the skin to ensure that there is no itching and that your beard is not uncomfortable for you.
  • Lastly, it also ensures that there is no dandruff in the beard. The dandruff can make the beard look rough and unattractive. Just like hair dandruff, beard dandruff is also undesirable and you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is made possible with Better beards.

Ingredients of Better Beards

Better Beards is a combination of some of the best natural ingredients. These have been used as remedies in many parts of the world in the past and are still being used today.

  • Vitamin A: Firstly, the supplement has Vitamin A that helps to nourish the beard. Its main function is to prevent the clogging of facial pores. By doing so, it lets the hair underneath grow and fill in the spots in the beard area.
  • Biotin: Biotin is also present in it and it acts as a source of energy for the hair to grow. It is used as enhancer for hair growth. Due to presence of this ingredient in Better Beards, the hair grows quickly and surely.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E protects the beard from the biggest dilemma which is the greying of beard hair. It prevent the greying of hair of thee beard and lets you boast your youthful hair even in old age. All these ingredients collectively ensure that you surely grow a beard and also that the beard that grows is free of any flaw and is thick.

Why Use Better Beards

The ultimate reason to use Better Beards is to get attention from the opposite gender. You will have women drooling over you with your attractive beard and at the same time you will also have other men respecting you for your manly facial hair. Furthermore, with a beard to flaunt, you will also regain your confidence and you will be able to be yourself in social gatherings instead of shying away from people.

Side Effects of Better Beards

The supplement only has natural ingredients and that deems is harmless for the skin or the facial hair. Most of the ingredients are vitamins and they are normally present in the body, which means that they do not harm the body. You must make sure that your face is clear of any kind of skin infection or disease before you start the supplement.

If you do have any condition that needs to be sorted out by a medical practitioner, do visit one and get the issue sorted out. Otherwise, you may face some unwanted outcomes of the supplement. Also, the supplement is not meant to cure any genetic disorder or any other disease. Moreover, check the packing when you receive the supplement. Return it if the packaging is not sealed properly or the product appears used.

Where to Buy Better Beards

You can buy the supplement from the online store of the manufacturers. Right now, they have a promotion going on where you just have to pay the shipping fee for the first bottle and you can get it delivered to your home without paying for the actual price of the bottle. This is for trial session.

So, hurry up and get your hands on the bottle before it is too late. You just need to place an order and wait for the magic pill to get to your door step.  In just four months, you will see some ground-breaking results and you will have everyone telling you how amazing your beard looks.

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