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Total Radiance Teeth Review

Teeth are one of the most visible parts of the body. Every time you open your mouth to speak or you are smiling, everyone can see you teeth. For something that is put out in the open all the time, most people’s teeth are not exactly presentable. Yellow teeth give a very bad appearance and no one wants to be spotted with yellow teeth since it causes a lot of embarrassment and it also breaks your image in front of others.

The Ultimate Solution

Manufacturers of total Radiance teeth decided that they needed to come up with something that can help people with yellow teeth to be confident once again and show off their pearly whites. Total Radiance Teeth has some amazing features that make it an ultimate solution to your yellow teeth problem.

  • It reduces and gradually finishes the trips you need to take to the dentist for getting teeth whitening treatment. These treatments cost a lot of money and no one wants to have this extra cost added to their budget. To save that money, this product offers a one time solution to the yellowing of teeth problem.
  • It is a cheap solution. One visit to the dentist costs the same amount of money as one sample of the product. Thus, it can be used rather than dental treatment.
  • It gives the teeth a whiter appearance and that is what is needed by everyone.
  • It also saves you the trouble you would have to go through for treatment. Many people feat the dentist appointment because of the tools involved. For them, Total Radiance teeth is the best choice.

Causes for Yellowing of Teeth

There are several causes of yellowing of teeth. This is some of the daily activities you do or some foods that you eat. Due to them, teeth get yellowed. A few of them are discussed below so that you can refrain from these practices.

  • Tea

Tea is a major teeth yellowing drink. The teeth in your mouth are covered by a later called plaque. This gets covered by tea to cause yellow coloration. If teeth are not brushed regularly, the yellowish tint can go into the teeth and then it can persist for a long time.

  • Smoking

You might have thought that smoking only causes internal problems like liver damage and lung problem. It can also lead to yellowing of teeth. This is due to the fact that nicotine can cause discoloration of the teeth. If you are an excessive smoker, it is possible that your teeth will get yellow over time. It is a common sight that smokers often have yellow teeth. They even brush their teeth but the yellow tint has gone deep into the teeth.

  • Coffee

Just like tea, coffee can also make your teeth yellow. Coffee is considered more harmful in this case because it has high contents of caffeine in it. This causes roughening of the teeth and due to this harsh ingredient, the colour can go into the teeth. The enamel is also harmed by coffee. This is a huge problem for people since almost every second person is a coffee or tea addict and they need coffee for a wake up call every single day.

How to use Total Radiance teeth ?

Total Radiance teeth is quite easy to use. It is in form if a gel and for more convenience of the user, the makers have put the gel into an applying tube. So, you do not have to apply it with your fingers since you can use the tube to apply the gel.

  1. Apply the gel on your teeth. Simply, put some gentle pressure on the tube to release the gel onto the teeth. Make sure to cover those areas that are most yellow.
  2. Then, do not touch the teeth with your lips for the next few minutes. Let the gel do its magic.
  3. Simply, rinse your mouth after 15 minutes.

Once you have used this gel, you need to make sure that you do not eat anything for an hour following the application of this gel. You need to let the gel do its work so for some time, do not bring your teeth  In contact with any kind of food.

Ingredients of Total Radiance Teeth

Total Radiance teeth has the ingredients which have been approved by the right experts. The ingredients are kept minimal but it is ensures that their performance is very effective. It has been seen in the ingredient list that the makers have tried to make this gel useful for everyone. This is why they have chosen the ingredients carefully.

This is a great ingredient. It does not contain any product from animals so it is suitable even for use by the vegans and vegetarians. Moreover, it enhances the whitening ability of the natural components in the teeth.

This oil is often used for different purposes in the body. It has been proved through research that thus oil aids in relieving pain in the body. Furthermore, it prevents and reduces inflammation. Moreover, the presence of this ingredient imparts the coolness to the breath. This ensures that not only are your teeth while but your mouth also smells pleasant every time you open your mouth to talk to laugh. This is why the presence of this oil in Total Radiance Teeth has multiple advantages for the user.

This ingredient is not much heard of but it is a great ingredient when it comes to teeth whitening. This ingredients helps to unlock the true whitening potential of the teeth. It has an oxidative effect on the teeth, which aids in removal of any kind of free radicals or other compounds from the mouth. This makes the mouth free of any yellowing agents and gives you pearly whites that you can flaunt anytime you want.

All these ingredients make Total Radiance Teeth a great gel based product. The reason to get this gel is that it is completely natural as you can see from the ingredients.

People Saying about Total Radiance teeth?

Total Radiance Teeth had helped many people. Users have found it to be helpful in making their smiles whiter and their mouths fresher. One of the user said, “ I was so embarrassed by my yellow teeth that I would not even speak much in front of my fellow. The truth is that I was a smoker and even after I quit, my teeth were still quite yellow. I tried all kind of tooth pastes and everything that everyone suggested me. However, my solution came in the form of Total radiance teeth. Ever since I started using it, I have seem some amazing results and that has made me so grateful to the manufacturers”.

Another user said that, “ My teeth got yellow when I went to college. To wake up every morning, I took a. Lot of coffee and the disadvantages of that came in the form of yellow teeth. I was so ashamed to open my mouth in front of everyone. A few of my friends even started teasing me about it. Then, one of my teachers told me to try Total Radiance teeth. I got the pen with the gel and I found it quite easy to use. It showed instant results and now I can flaunt my teeth. My smiling pictures on Instagram are a proof that this product actually works.

Side Effects of Total Radiance teeth?

The product is not exactly harmful since the ingredients used in it are natural. You can search more about them and you will see that they are harmless. However, you must not use this gel to treat nat dental problem you might have that needs to be medically treated. Moreover, make sure that you ask your dentist before using it if you are undergoing some sort of treatment for your teeth. It is possible that the dentist has prescribed some medicines to you that may hinder the effect of this gel when they react with it. This gel is not made for people under the age of 18 so they should not use it.

Where to buy Total Radiance teeth

You can but this gel from their online website. They have a page  online where you need to fill the form with your details. They send out the order in just 24 hours so that you can start using the product the very next day. Due to several reasons, they can only send out 250 samples everyday. Thus, if you want to get your hands on this gel, you must order very soon. Otherwise, you might regret that why did you not order sooner.


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Is Total Radiance teeth worth it?

Total radiance teeth is worth it since it gives instant results. Their shipping is also quite fast so you do not have to wait for a long time. Also, you can use it easily. It has zero side effects and it gives you the pearly whites that you have been waiting to get for so long.

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