Urobolin – Safe way to boost Testosterone levels in Body

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Most people are unaware of the effects of urobolin and work out these days as it is a proven way to keep the body healthy and keep obesity at bay. But, during intense workout, the body muscles are faced with tearing which can significantly lower the muscle mass of the body. While catabolism refers to the break down of products through body processes, anabolism is the process of building up or synthesis of materials in the body.

Natural and artificial supplements are all aimed at ensuring that the anabolic processes of body are up to speed during the workouts so that the body does not suffer from muscle loss.

Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone is a body hormone that initiates anabolic processes in the body. It is the compound that is needed to ensure that you have a good body shape by increased muscle mass in the required areas.


It acts just like testosterone but at a much faster rate ad with added efficiency. It’s efficiency is 80% more than that of testosterone. It:

  • Prevents the tearing and breakdown of muscles
  • Helps build more muscle mass in the body

Origin of Urobolin

It is a natural material extracted from the plant, Punica granatum. Commonly, this plant is known as Pomegranate. This pomegranate extract is quite effective in preventing muscle damage.

Additionally, it also acts as a shield for the body against excessive fatty acids that we take in our diet. These triglycerides can cause stress in the muscles and cause damage.

Previous Research

Previous researches and studies have been conducted to test the effects. It was observed that Urobolin had significant muscle increasing effect in rats.

The study proved that it prevents muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is the process of wasting or tearing away of muscles which can occur due to many reasons. While it may also occur due to lack of any kind of physical activity, it can also be a result of intensive muscle activity.

Instead, Urobolin initiates and enhances muscle hypertrophy. This term refers to the increase in size  of any organ of the body which is mainly due to larger cell size. In muscle hypertrophy, the mass and size muscles cells grow.

How does Insulin compare with Urobolin?

Insulin is another hormone that is required in the body for the production of muscle proteins. It was observed in a study that when 100uM of insulin was taken, it increased the production of muscle proteins by 61%. On the other hand, Urobolin had a much pronounced effect in even lesser quantity as only 15uM helped in increasing the rate of production of muscle proteins by 95%.

This is a huge difference and shows that it is much more effective that either testosterone or insulin. Additionally, it also does the job of both of these compounds simultaneously.


Olympus Laps Ep1logue is the sole container of Urobolin at the moment. This supplement works 57% faster than the natural insulin.

How does it work?

It works quite effectively and does the job of two hormones: insulin and testosterone. It increases the blood flow to your muscles. Increased blood flow is quite beneficial for the muscles as it induces and enhances the build up of muscles in the process of muscle hypertrophy.


This supplement containing Urobolin as the chief ingredient has a lot of benefits:

  • It increases the growth of muscles by enhancing muscle .
  • It stops and prevents the break down of muscle proteins
  • It also increases the strength of muscles along with the size.
  • It acts as an agent of protein production or protein synthesis.
  • It prevents the muscles from getting tired or damaged after extensive workout sessions.
  • Most importantly, it increases the blood flow to your muscles making sure that they get the surge and start making more muscle proteins in result.


Along with Urobolin, there are also other ingredients in this supplement. It has cellulose, gelatine and silica as additional products. Along with titanium dioxide, there is also 600 mg of green tea extracts. These further boost the performance of this compound as green tea extract itself is a great metabolism enhancer for the body. It aids in the process of building up of muscle proteins.


It should be taken in a specific amount depending on whether it is a work out day or not.

If it a day on which you are training, it is advised to take 2 capsules before training. These capsules are to be taken on an empty stomach about half an hour to an hour before the training session.

If it is a day that you are training on, just pop two capsules at any time of the day on an empty stomach.

Side Effects

Since it is made up of entirely natural products, this anabolism booster does not have any significant sideeffects. However, taking anything in an excessive amount can have side effects and it should be avoided.

It is not suitable or even recommended for anyone under the age of 18 to consume it as an anabolism booster. Similarly, pregnant ladies must also avoid taking this supplement. Any one who has a medical history or a serious disease or is currently suffering from any kind of hepatic, cardiac or renal disease must consult a specialist before starting to ingest.

Where to buy

You can buy this supplement from the Olympus Labs website easily. A bottle containing 30 pills comes at $54.99 and will last you half a month. They do have payment methods that suit everyone and are quite safe and reliable.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Urobolin does have significant effects on the body and it does boost protein synthesis while also preventing muscle breakdown. It is a must have for every one who is weight lifting or doing any other kind of intense exercise.

However, it is always best to consult your trainer or physician before in taking any kind of supplement whether herbal or artificial with chemically active additives.

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